What we do?
Sealink pos supply all kind of survey activities

Our strengt is offshore Service. Besides, we also supply other survey activities such as: nearshore, ond land shurvery, geolory and monitoring engineering..


Navigation service


SEALINK POS JSC is a convergence of experienced and intellectual employees combined with the strength and enthusiasm of youth to create success. We believe that living and working in faith according to the values ​​of traditional creation is the crystallization of eternal foundations. At SEALINK... JSC, culture and core values ​​are very important to the success of your business.

Sealink's assets are employees' collective, is the biggest assets we have. At Sealink, employees are empowered to maximize their capabilities. Individuals always put the collective interests to the highest, always work, collaborate in groups, working together for the best goals.

With experiences work offshore, We understand that if we do not carry out each items of work correctly we will have no chance to repair it. So We always have to work with highest reasonability, accurately for each actions, items, works, job.

Our employees are encouraged to act with passion whether it be advisor for customer or a survey service. Work hard, passionate, not afraid of difficult, afraid of suffering is the will of each individual and our company.

Work ethic, industrial style is the business foundation of SEALINK POS. SEALINKPOS’ s business activities are guaranteed equity, transparency and respect each others.

Working smart is the goal of long-term success is a motivation competence SEALINK POS to future perspectives, innovative analysis, application of modern science and technology, consulting the most advanced surveyor solutions for projects that SEALINK in charge.


Strict adherence to the laws, standards systems, processes, norms and ethical standards.

Maintaining a clean corporate culture

Respect, listen and advise on technical solutions, THE BEST SURVEY products and services, best for customers

Cooperate on the principle of openness, justice and mutual benefit

Be a responsible business with yourself, your colleagues, your society, and your community